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This account is dead!

2012-03-21 01:23:33 by ActionSick

Go here for my new stuff!

Sup guys,

I recently entered a competition to earn a spot in a local music festival with people such as Datsik, Lil Jon, Felguk, Hyphy Crunk, Yoji, etc...

I made it past round 1, but now round 2 is a facebook popularity competition [You basically need to like 2 things to vote for me]

I need all the help I can get, so I am asking you newgrounders to vote for me!
Here's how it works:

1) Go here and like the page.
2) Go here and like the picture.

That's it!!

P.S. - Here is my soundcloud in case you want to listen to my stuff before you vote!

New Game - Coming Soon!

2010-03-12 21:06:22 by ActionSick

Here's a small preview :D

New Game - Coming Soon!

The game will be an archer styled game with a story line as well as upgrades,
achievements, medals (hopefully) with some fun elements that will make it
different from just a shoot your arrow type of game.

You can check out a small demo to see that this isn't a waste of time here.

: Please note, all it is now is just the physics of shooting, basically the hard part - but everything else is already planned out.

This game will be set around the medieval times, or more so like the movie gladiator
It should have a fairly cartoony style, but not totally a joke, but also not super serious.

The artist will have to draw menus, a map, various bows/arrows, backdrops/scenery various dummies, a few upgrades for the main character, as well as other minor things that shouldn't take too long.

Since this is not a HUGE project, I am aiming at a 2-3 week deadline which is easily achievable.

I have previous experience with sponsorship and I am almost positive this game will earn some good cash, it will be split 50/50.

Post here, or PM if you are interested...
NOTE - I will not just be taking the first person to contact me, I will be evaluating people on their previous works, AND examples that I ask that you post!

: It would definitely be a good idea to draw up a quick archer and post a picture here, that will help with the evaluating ;)


Hey Newgrounds,

Check out this new community/flash website!

Sign up, add your flashes, start customizing your avatar!

Awesome features!
- Badge/Award system that everyone can participate in
- API for all developers : Implement badges in your own games!
- Customizable avatars with tons of items added weekly!
- Upload and share files other than flash submissions (similar to spamtheweb, but with a 50 MB upload limit!)
- Awesome forum!
- *NEW* Collab system, that makes it super easy and user friendly to host/operate collabs!
- Plus some untold features that will come out soon ;)

This site is super user friendly, so sign up, and start referring your friends! - Awesome new community!

Defend the Caravan 2!

2009-05-10 21:49:36 by ActionSick

Hey NG'ers

Some of you may know about my game, Defend the Caravan, probably not though because it wasn't as big as i wanted it to be... but that doesn't matter - what matters is that me and CaiWengi are starting on Defend the Caravan 2

Many towns and environments
Different carts that can be bought
HUGE achievement system that will fit into Newground's achievement system
Unique boss weapons
Tons of upgrades (defensive and offensive), weapons, enemies, and even hire able mercenaries!
Different horses
Strategic skill formulas (mixing skill combos)
Sandbox mode

How can you help?
Since the game is still in its alpha-stages, we need YOU to come up with ideas or suggestions
for the following things:

Weapons for the mouse-clickin'
Offensive or Defensive cart upgrades
Unique ideas for mercenaries
Unique carts
Bosses, as well as enemies
Stuff for the achievement system

If you need a better idea of the game, play the original here

.: Edit 0.0.1 :.
- Screenshot on gameplay screen, give me some suggestions for weapons, etc!
* NOTE: This is mostly a rough draft of the gameplay screen so far, some of the art will change but thats a general idea of what it'll look like!

Defend the Caravan 2!


2009-02-08 16:23:13 by ActionSick

Drop a comment

I grew a mustachio

2008-10-16 18:14:50 by ActionSick

may b u should smoek my poel

I grew a mustachio

Sneak Peak!

2008-08-19 21:25:30 by ActionSick

Hey NG'ers


Heres a sneak peak for a game i am making, the artwork is all done by me!

Yea i know i used to be a coder but i want to try out my art skills :D

tell me what you think!, ill update BTW /68871_final.php


2008-08-07 17:53:57 by ActionSick